How to Make Money on the Internet

How to generate money on the Internet without investing

Many people dream of How to Make Money on the Internet and the truth is that many of those who dream that do not even believe it, think that all this is reserved only for a group of experts or gurus, the reality is that normal ordinary people as you and I can generate money online without any problem.

How to Make Money on the Internet

You know why you’re not living on the internet, before I start I’ll tell you, it’s for one simple reason, all the people who make thousands of dollars every month online “is because they take this very seriously”, they see it as something more than a job, while people like you (I hope it’s not your case) see it as an extra.

Imagine if you see your work as an extra to get money, you would get up one day and say: today I will not go to work, or you would leave your work early. This is the main reason why many people are not living from the internet, but let’s go to this.

Companies to work online without investing

On the internet there are thousands of companies and forms of “How to Make Money on the Internet”, but here we will only discuss the most relevant, those that leave more money, the most profitable and the best pay, we will classify them as follows:

  • Advertising: Google Adsense,
  • ExoClick, Web Impressions, among others
  • Affiliates System: Amazon, ClickBank, Aliexpress, among others
  • CPA Networks: CPAGrip, Adworkmedia, Cpalead, among others
  • Filtering Surveys: ClixSense, SurveyPronto, MarketAgent, among others
  • Writing Articles: Zerys, Iwriter, Writeraccess , among others
  • Offering your services: By Internet

The good thing is that in all these companies you can start making money online without having to make an investment, since they do not require payment for affiliation or anything of the kind, then I explain what each one consists of, how much can be done get to win and how you can collect the money earned in each of them.

Google Adsense

Without a doubt Google Adsense is the dad of all, although there are platforms with which you can get to win even more money than in Google Adsense I told you because it is the best. The reason is very simple anyone can do it without any knowledge (although knowledge always helps you to make things better and get more out of it), I mean, no advanced knowledge is required, I explain what this company consists of.

Google Adsense


What you need to start earning money with Google Adsense:

You’re just going to need a blog or a website that has traffic, that receives a certain number of monthly visits so you can get some money out of it. The content must be 100% original, nothing to enter another page and copy the content, Google Adsense has certain rules that you must respect to avoid being suspended the account or to accept you in the program.

For example there are pages that are not allowed , like download or movie pages since they are piracy websites.

If you do not know how to create a blog or a web page I will show you how to create a blog to monetize it with adsense, you can do it for free in WordPress, or blogger, but I recommend you if you have and you can do it using hosting and payment domain.

Domain and Hosting

You only need to buy a domain that would be less than US $ 10 dollars in Godaddy and a Hosting, I personally recommend Hostgator, there you can find a cheap hosting, an alternative is Hostingnice, here you will find hosting from US $ 2 per month.

These are the Google AdSense ad formats you can enter in your blog:

Formatos de Anuncios Google Adsense

As I mentioned before, there are alternatives and all with the same themes, so I’m not going to repeat the same, what you do here is the same as in the others each with their differences of course, but as I said this is also the best pay.

How much can I earn with Google AdSense

The answer is very relative, since it will depend on the theme of the web, the country where the visits come from among other factors and a bit technical such as the CPC (Cost per click) and the CTR (Click Percentage), let’s see An example:

28 clicks X US $ 0.30 CPC = US $ 8.4.

We are talking about that if you manage to generate about 1,000 daily visits you will be generating about US $ 8.4 per day, it would be about US $ 252 per month, but keep in mind that there are topics that instead of paying US $ 0.30 pay up to US $ 15, others pay between US $ 2 and US $ 7, so with a good niche and a single website you can generate a lot of money. The minimum to charge is US $ 100 dollars.

There are people who have up to 5 pages, you know those who earn more than $ 10,000 a month, or dream that they do it with a single web, while reading this article I’m doing the course of how to create a blog from scratch based on a niche to monetize it , everything from scratch explained step by step, so stay tuned and take a tour of the web.


If you do not have a website you can also apply through YouTube, I have done it myself, currently with the new YouTube policies to apply, you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours to opt for the Adsense partner program. Make money monetizing your videos on YouTube.

The money earned in Google Adsense can be withdrawn by check or deposit to your bank account, you can register here.

Not to mention only Adsense I will leave another example but without many details, because as I mentioned earlier this company has the same theme except for some details.


This company has the same formats of display ads for PC and mobile devices, it can be considered as a very stable and profitable web, although as always with its flaws, well, one of the good things that it has is that this company pays weekly and the minimum to withdraw is just US $ 20, so if your blog has some traffic you could start charging immediately.

You can register here and start monetizing your blog as you know how to make money online.

Affiliate System

What is an affiliate system and how do you earn money? Let’s explain it in a simple way, it is a marketing platform in which we can obtain income through the promotion and sales of other people’s products, and for this example we are going to take Amazon as an example as it is one of the largest and known by all.

Amazon Afiliado

It works in the following way, the first thing we have to do is register in the affiliate programs, within the panel we can see the ad formats that we can introduce in our blog.

Sistema de Afiliado de Amazon

Amazon pays from 1% to 10% of each product sold, so you can get an idea, we will make the following example:

  • Monthly Sales = US $ 50,000
  • Monthly Earnings 5% = US $ 2,500

In order to generate that income you must have a lot of traffic on your blog, or do promotion on Facebook, there are many strategies for that, you can also combine Google Adsense with Amazon, in short, just use your head a little.

Register here at Amazon Affiliates

What is CPA?

CPA This is cost per action, that is, you will only earn commission if the person performs some type of action: register, enter your mail, get a survey, download, etc.

This means of advertising to be sincere requires some preparation to get conversions, because here unlike Adsense you will only be paid if you sell, not only to introduce advertising or promote it, you also have to know how to guide that advertising. The good thing is that here you do not need to have a website, since you can directly promote the links.

Let’s see an example of how much you can pay for a CPA offer:

CPA Grip

CPA Grip

Sign up here

Earn money with surveys

I will explain why I wanted to include this category, it is very easy, I show you how to make money on the Internet with surveys, the detail is that many of these companies are exclusive for some countries, but there are also many companies that are open for all world.

In the case of surveys if you have to be of legal age to participate, this way of generating income online is very flexible and offers you some freedom, since when you get the surveys you have a certain time to do them, the ideal and It is my point of view is that if you get one you do it immediately.

gana dinero por internet llenando encuestas

Let’s talk now about some pages where we can register and start working with the surveys, on the Internet there are hundreds of pages of surveys but we will only mention a few.

How to Make Money on the Internet 2019


  • Minimum amount to withdraw: USD $ 10
  • Rewards: Payoneer, Skrill or TangoCard
  • Accepted countries: Worldwide
  • Registration Link Here


  • Bonus: $ 5 free on your balance for signing up
  • Minimum amount to withdraw: USD $ 30
  • Rewards: PayPal or Amazon
  • Accepted countries: Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Chile
  • Registration Link Here


  • Bonus: 150 points USD $ 1.50 free when creating your account
  • Minimum amount to withdraw: From 200 points USD $ 2
  • Rewards: Payoneer, Skrill or TangoCard
  • Accepted countries: Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Paraguay,
  • Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala and Venezuela
  • Registration Link Here

How much can you get to earn a month by getting surveys? Well, this will depend on the number of companies you are working with, the ideal is to work with as many as possible, since surveys are not always available, or your user profile does not meet to apply some surveys, so here You will have to make a strategy to get as many surveys as possible.

The gain here is very relative, you can win from USD $ 20, USD $ 50, USD $ 300 or more a month, keep in mind something very clear, this is not going to win only one page, you will need to be registered in several to be able to add this amount at the end of the month.

There are other companies to earn money with surveys, the key is always in the discipline, it does not matter if you are winning online, working in a company, as a freelancer, if you do not have discipline, perseverance and perseverance all this will be something unattainable for you.

How to Make Money on the Internet Writing Articles

If you love writing, you like to write and you are passionate about this profession, this could be an ideal option for you, since there are many companies that need writers to write articles for web pages, either for digital portals or magazines.

ganar dinero por internet redactando

As always you have the option of looking for those companies that can pay you to write articles for them, but you also have the option of going to specific portals on the internet and offer your services as a professional in the area, because if you tell them you do not have experiences are fried: cry:, but I guess that who likes this already has it.

I’ll leave you three pages where you can register as an editor and try to see how it goes, these are some of the hundreds of pages there are to earn money online writing articles for companies.

  • Zerys
  • Iwriter
  • Writeraccess

How to Make Money on the Internet Offering Your Services

After having read all the aforementioned material, you may think that this is the least important, YOU WRONG! , This is the most important of all, and I’ll explain why.

Have you ever read in the newspaper “People are requested to work without experience”, then when you went to the interview you realized that it was a fraud, or needed personnel to sell those rare products that people do not buy, the reality is the following: if you really want to earn money on something you need to have experience and be well informed of the business, otherwise you will be doomed to fail.

And you will tell me, Gabriel, but what does this have to do with what you are saying to me, wait, let’s go slowly, you will soon understand. If right now you decide that Google Adsense is the best option for you, to generate income online, believe me that the first thing you do is to guide you, ask for information, tricks and everything that helps you succeed in the dog and not fail.

Learn more

By this point you will be informed of everything, including the company’s policies to prevent you from closing your account for cheating or playing dirty to the company, business information is the first thing you need.

You will have the experience already when you launch, you will see that it is not the same to talk about the path to travel, and it is only in practice that you will understand the business better.

Earn Money Online

Currently I have a small digital agency, at first my partner and I thought that our customers would rain, and believe me, our illusion was very different from the reality that we live, but thanks to the experience, we knew the market and we were able to leave the market. mud where we were.

To sell your services, you do not need to be the best at what you do, just do things right, on time and without excuses and you will see that you will get good customers. The errors are normal that comets at the beginning, imagine, you are started, you are swimming in unknown waters. But you need to start, stop being postponing things, stop complaining and make excuses, you need to start now.

What do you need to start?

Regardless of the profession you master, if you start from scratch or not, you will need the following to work from home.

  • Computer
  • Internet

gana dinero online

Only with these two tools do you have all the power in your hands to shape your financial destiny. Remember “The Discipline Before Everything”, and I will be very clear, you will also need perseverance and perseverance, because you will not make money overnight, there are no shortcuts to success, as in any business, at the beginning you will have to work very hard.

How to Collect Money Earned on the Internet

When you are engaged in online business, it is necessary that you have some of the most famous and used payment processors in the world, let’s see some of them, the most important ones.

gana dinero con paypalPayPal is one of the safest payment processors in the world, and almost all companies use this payment method to pay their users. In some countries PayPal has an agreement with banks, this makes it easier for you to withdraw your PayPal money for your bank account.

In my case, I am from the Dominican Republic. PayPal has an agreement with the Banco Popular Dominicano, and the money that I am paid through this payment gateway can be withdrawn directly to my Banco Popular account.

You can register here


gana dinero con payoneer mastercard

Payoneer is a very good alternative to PayPal, and one of the advantages of this company is that when you create an account they automatically create a bank account in the United States, and to apply for your card you must have received a payment or have accumulated a minimum amount of USD $ 25 in your account.

This company is considered one of the best financial services companies, founded in 2015 and with its main headquarters in the United States.

You can register here

Important Advice

Before you start, take a pencil and a paper, start writing your strategy, your action plan, write down the whole process that you will carry out to achieve your goals, put the start date, write down your ideas and I assure you that you will see the fruits of all your effort, do not be like those who start a project and leave it in half, be persistent because you will need it in the world of online business.

como ganar dinero extra

How to Make Money on the Internet is not complicated

It was always one of my goals and I did not stop until I got it, you can too.